Why is Rummy like Any Thrilling Adventure Game?

A rummy fan will easily understand that a good round of rummy is no less than any adventure game. It has thrilling levels, it has lifelines or bonuses to save you in the game. Your ultimate goal is same, be it an adventure game or a round of Indian rummy game you play. Winners are people who reach their goal first. Read along and know how rummy resembles and adventure game:

  1. There are Hurdles to Cross/Levels

In any adventure game that you play, you will come across different hurdles or different levels in the game. A good player manages to cross these levels and get closer to the final destination. A rummy patti game is just like that. The main level in rummy can be regarded as forming of life. The rummy lovers know that in the 13-card variation, the pure sequence and the real sequence are together termed as life.

That is why the pure sequence or natural sequence in cards games is termed as Life 1. The real or artificial sequence is termed as life 2. Unless you form these two sequences, your full hand points are counted as 80 or 100 points depending on the variation you are playing.

  1. There are Bonus Points/ Jokers

The jokers in a game of rummy are as good as bonus points. They help you complete the game much sooner. In rummy games, there are three types of cards used as jokers. The first is the joker cards existing in the deck. The second is the blank cards that you find in a deck. Apart from these two, a card is randomly picked from the deck before distribution to act as a joker. These are called as pulled out jokers. All these jokers maybe used to complete real sequences or the sets.

  1. There are Things You Must Avoid

Do not think that if you play rummy games free, you can be relaxed about the game rules. An expert player will know that you should completely avoid picking up from the discard pile. During the game of rummy, a player can pick the card from the deck or the disposed pile during his turn. When you pick a card from the disposed pile, the opponent gets to see the card you are picking.

This gives him an idea what cards you may have in hand or what sequences you plan to make. He will alter his moves in the game based on this knowledge. That is why you must strictly avoid picking from the disposed pile till you have formed your life. Practice the card moves, choose rummy game download on your device and play till you master the tricks.

  1. There are Things You Must Do

Since your first aim in rummy cards is to create life, you must leave multiple options to let this happen. The best way to do this is to pair up several cards that will make sequences with just one more card. Keep such pairs ready till you make your pure sequence. This is a sure shot way to speed up the process of making pure sequence.

  1. Victory is the Ultimate Goal

Just like any adventure game, the ultimate aim of Indian rummy game too is to win eventually. How one does it depends on how well he understands the goals and levels of this game. The adventure feel of these games are complete when you play a real cash rummy game.

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