What to Know About Arc Welding

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From construction and industrial settings to DIY auto work and repairs, arc welding has proven invaluable since its invention in the 1800s. Many people take to setting up a welding workshop at home for work or personal projects; the equipment can be obtained with relative ease and, with time and effort, training develops the necessary skills for safe and effective welding.

How It Works

Arc welding involves various methods with their own strengths, but the underlying process is the same in all cases. The welder attaches a grounding wire to the work piece, then touches an electrode to the material to form a current. Pulling the electrode away creates an arc that generates heat sufficient to melt the work piece and filler metal. The weld must be shielded from contamination as it cools, either with inert gas or a flux coating on the electrode.

Welding Equipment

The best online welding store provides all the essential welding supplies and tools in one place. The welding rig consists mainly of a power supply, grounding wire and electrode lead. Rigs vary based on the voltage and current they can supply and the type of electrode they’re fitted to use; depending on the setup, filler metal is either supplied separately or by the electrode. Inert gas—e.g. argon or helium—must also be supplied, unless flux-coated electrodes are used.

Safety Measures

Careless welding can present a variety of hazards: fumes, electricity, heat, noise and radiation are just a few. Welders must follow safety standards for the necessary protection and work environment to minimize risk. Safety helmets, aprons and gloves are fundamental, and the intense light and sound of the arc makes eyesight and hearing protection vital. These standards also outline safe work practices such as ventilation for metal fumes and gas, as well as a tidy workspace to maneuver in.

Welding can seem daunting, but it can also be a rewarding occupation or hobby. Quality equipment, attention to detail and mindfulness are key for aspiring welders.

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