What Are The Properties And Uses Of Silicon Wafers?

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Silicon wafers are used in a variety of the electronics that most of us use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most have no clue about what they are and the functions they perform. In fact, silicon technology is crucial for the ability of many of our favorite technologies to be created. Companies such as www.pcasilicon.com offer silicon wafer dicing services to many companies that utilize them in a variety of devices we use each day.

What Are Silicon Wafers?

The main component of a silicon wafer is silicon. It happens to be the second most commonly found element on our planet. To this day, it is also the seventh most common element known in our universe. It’s properties make it the perfect semiconductor for use in technology and electronic sectors. To fabricate these wafers, multiple different fabrication methods are used including the vertical bridgeman method, the horizontal gradient method, the vertical gradient freeze, the horizontal bridgeman method and the Czochralski pulling fabrication method.

Primary Components In Circuits

The key components in integrated circuits are silicon wafers. The integrated circuits are composed of different electronic components that are created and arranged for a specific purpose and function. Silicon is the main platform for semiconductor properties in most electronic circuit boards.

Who Uses Silicon Wafer Technology?

A lot of companies use the silicon wafer technology for product testing. In the past, a company would test with a silicon wafer and it would get destroyed. It would cost some companies thousands or even millions of wasted dollars during the testing phases of their products. These days, however, there are companies that can recycle and refurbish the silicon wafers to be reused again.

Integrated circuits that use silicon wafer technology are used in our modern society every day. Most smartphones, tablets and computers have silicon used in their circuitry. Silicon is also used in other areas besides computers. Their stability has made them a great option to be used in tire pressure sensor systems and solar cells. The wafers are able to absorb the photons from sunlight and turn them into usable electricity.