What are the Different Kinds of Bail Bonds?

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No-one wants to be in a position where they need to make bail. But if you’re looking for affordable bail bonds Williamsport PA, it’s important to understand what a bail bonds service can provide, and what kinds of bail bonds are appropriate for any given situation.

Misdemeanor Bonds

Misdemeanors are the most common types of crimes committed in the U.S. They range widely from simple assault to charges of driving under the influence or certain types of drug possession. Bond is usually set low for these offenses, but the dollar amounts usually make it well worth the accused’s while to invest in a bond.

Felony Bonds

Felonies are much more serious and may involve aggravated assault, weapons charges, or drug dealing.  While these offenses may be substantial, you will be able to easily find affordable bail bonds Williamsport PA to help you, should you find yourself arrested on a felony charge.

Immigration Bonds

In a legal situation where a defendant’s immigration status comes into play, a bail bonds company can post the amount specified by the presiding judge to ensure they will appear at a scheduled immigration status hearing.

Extradition Bonds

Extradition bonds may be necessary if a defendant is wanted on charges in a different state. If you’ve secured affordable bail bonds in Williamsport PA to help you in an extradition matter, one of the great advantages is that you will be able to report in person to the proper authorities of your own accord, rather than being transported across state lines in prison clothing.

PFA Bonds

A protection from abuse (or PFA) bond is necessary if a defendant is charged with a violation of a protection from abuse order.

Whichever of these situations apply to you, it just makes sense to work with a bail bonds company. Their rapport with courts and expertise is invaluable and can help you stay free while awaiting trial.

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