Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in CAT 2017

With the release of CAT 2017 notification, the preparation for the exam has already been started by the aspiring MBA candidates. Realizing the overall competition, it is very crucial to get dedicated and well prepared to be a step ahead of the others and get a seat in any of the prestigious management schools in the country.

So, the candidates need to be properly acquainted with the CAT syllabus and pattern to start their preparation. One of the most important and noteworthy points for the exam is the Negative Marking. Presently, most of the competitive exams have negative marking to filter the deserving candidates from the guess-makers. The Marking scheme for the CAT 2017 exam is:

Attempt Marks
Correct Attempt +3
Incorrect Attempt -1
Un-attempted None
  • Note: There is no negative marking for Type In The Answer questions.

The negative marking is extremely crucial since it reduces the overall CAT Score and thus, the percentile of the candidate. Due to the declined percentile, numerous candidates get their chances of selection reduced in their preferred B-Schools. So, to help the candidates avoid such circumstances, here are some tips to reduce negative marking in CAT 2017.

  • Take Numerous CAT Mock Tests

The CAT Mock Tests are one of the most important ways to analyse self-preparation and become accurate over time. The mock tests acquaint the candidates with the real exam scenario and improve their speed and time management skills which help to avoid incorrect attempts. So, practice several mock tests along with previous year papers before the exam to increase the chances of scoring more.

  • Avoid Guessing

This is probably the most important tip to reduce negative marking. When guessing is avoided, the only choice a candidate is left with is solving and deducing a correct answer. Thus, it is suggested to avoid guessing the answers to get the desired and deserving score in the CAT exam. Sometimes, calculated risks can be taken when one is at least 80% sure of the answer. It should be noted that such calculated risks should be taken in a very few numbers and should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Perform Accurate Calculations

The Quantitative section of the CAT exam requires extensive calculations to solve. These numerical questions are extremely tricky and a single miscalculation might lead to a completely incorrect option. So, careful calculations are very crucial and the candidates must remain calm and concentrated while solving. It is also recommended to use mind calculations rather than the on-screen calculator to solve questions faster.

  • Proper Time Management

Proper time management is important since it prevents the candidates to solve the questions hastily and thus, avert them to make simple mistakes. So, it very important to frame personalised time management strategies to avoid last minute rush by solving the questions in time and mark the corresponding answer option correctly. With proper time management, candidates can attempt a number of questions accurately in the CAT exam.

  • Be Focused and Read the Questions Properly

The questions in CAT exam are mostly tricky and confusing. The questions are set as such to test the actual capabilities of the candidates. Most of the questions are doable but require proper approach and speed to solve them. So, it is always suggested to keep calm and focused while reading the questions and while solving. The questions should also be read thoroughly to avoid making preventable mistakes.

With these tips, the candidates can reduce negative marking and increase their chances of selection in their preferred Institute. The CAT is one of the most competitive exams in the country since almost 2.5 lakh candidates register for the exam every year. Hence, it is very crucial to be well prepared with the CAT exam topics to ace the exam.

With honest preparation and hard work, getting admission in the top management schools is not unachievable. But, as the competition is extremely high, the candidates require proper strategies and study materials to stand ahead of the others. So, to learn more effectively, the candidates can subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel and learn the CAT topics from various engaging and interactive videos.