Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Every year has its own trend. Kitchen countertops made with granite is the new trend for this year. Now, there are many ways that granite is advantageous and why people want to use it. Granite is a building stone, and is one of the hardest known material to make countertops. It is very resistant to air and water, and have a very low rate of damage and hence it is very durable. Since, granite is an igneous rock, it is available in many colors and therefore is used for various applications. Because of being extremely common in every part of the world, it is found anywhere and therefore, is a very common choice for countertops. A slab made out of granite, weighs about 8 kilograms per square feet.

Now, as with anything in this world, granite countertops also come in with advantages and disadvantages.


· If we consider its looks, granite looks very pleasing to the eye and is very attractive since, it is available in many colors. It also looks very elegant and brings in a classy look to the space.

· When it comes to granite, there are over 3000 designs and styles. It comes in with a variety of styles, designs, grains and colors.

· Some people like the natural look of granite, and therefore, embraces the unfinished granite countertop. But, some are embezzled with the geometric finish that granite can provide, and like the finished granite countertop.

· Maintenance is low. After you have selected your design and style, the purveyor will install the granite in the space that you have chosen. After that, you do not need to maintain it quite often. You can wash the countertop once a week with a strong detergent or a normal soap will also do. Just be careful not to use something which has got an acidic behavior. Most granite countertops are resistant to chemicals, so there is no problem if you use chemical soaps to wash the surface.

· Since, granites are liquid resistant, therefore, there is no problem if you spill water on the countertop. Just make sure that you wash the countertop dry after you spill liquid on it. The reason for washing it dry is, that if you keep the water spilled for long on the countertop, then it may cause stains on the granite.

· Although, granite is heat resistant, and will not get damaged on keeping hot plates and cutlery, but for safeguarding, it is advisable not to do so.

· Granite being an igneous or a volcanic rock, is resistant to different germs.


· Granite is more expensive than its other counterparts. If we compare it with other materials that we can make counterparts with, it is costlier than them.

· Periodically, at some point of time you will need a sealing to protect the countertop from stains and other things.

· Since, every granite is unique looking, unfortunately, if your granite cracks or falls off, then you will not get a replacement since, every granite has its own unique color, design and style.

Granite countertops are a long-lasting addition to any of your spaces. Therefore, you should buy it from a trusted stone company. TriState Stone is a natural stone company which services New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other locales. TriState also imports marble and granite and other stones on customer’s requests. Call them to get a quote for your countertop.