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Today the world still relies on the use of oil to power transportation, even as we see more and more developments coming in the use of hybrid cars that use electricity for some of their power. Western leaders and citizens have long pushed for greater use of alternative sources of power to help keep the world moving in ways that are sustainable. Keeping the World Moving in a Healthy Way There’s no doubt that the use of oil to power the world’s transportation is a necessity, but the search for oil must be approached with care. Back in the 1970s, the US faced a major crisis when oil supplies from the Middle East were cut back, leading to shortages across the country. It’s obvious from all this that the US has to find a balance between bringing in enough oil supplies to sustain current needs, while also taking care that those supplies are brought in through responsible means of offshore oil drilling. Safe Oil Drilling Techniques We all know of the dangers that can come with careless offshore oil drilling. No one who was alive at the time could forget the terrible Alaskan oil spill that came from the reckless manning of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker. The destruction that the crash of the Exxon Valdez wreaked on the pristine Alaskan coastline shocked the world, and the accident lead to greater environmental protections being put in place. Along with greater system protections being put in place for oil tankers like those offered by PRT Offshore, a great deal of work has also been done to ensure that offshore oil drilling is conducted with an eye towards the protection of the environment. Drilling systems that take advantage of new technologies are going a long way towards making offshore oil drilling safer. Some of these new systems include computer monitoring of oil rig positioning to avoid collisions in the water. Advances in retrofitting of rigs also helps to keep the work safer from leaks that could damage the environment. The more advances that come in technology, the better these safety measures will work to protect the land and water from oil spills, which is good news for everyone, requiring less offshore Gulf of Mexico Intervention, or intervention elsewhere. The reality today is that the world still depends on the use of oil for our power needs. So what’s needed is for the oil drilling industry to work with care to ensure that a balance is made between the need for more oil and the need to protect the health and safety of our natural world. By utilizing some of the advanced techniques now being developed for oil exploration, finding that balance is an achievable goal.