Microsoft Nearly Doubles the Price of Xbox Live Gold in India

One of the bigger plus points to owning an Xbox One in India is Xbox Live Gold. The subscription costs a mere Rs. 2,240 a year and gives four free games a month, in addition to allowing for online multiplayer. However it appears that Xbox Live just became a lot dearer.

Gadgets 360 has discovered that the company plans to hike its prices for an Xbox Live subscription in a big way. We received an email from the company stating that Xbox One gamers will be paying Rs. 3,999 per year — almost double of its current price.

The reason for this, seems to be due to currency fluctuations.

“After carefully evaluating the currency changes within India, and with the understanding that our offerings always provide a balance of service and value for our customers, we will be adjusting the price of our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions,” an email from the company read.

“As such the price of your Xbox Live Gold Subscription will be increasing. As of February 28, 2017, the price of your 12-month Xbox Live subscription will increase from INR 2,240 to INR 3,999.”

For what its worth, Sony has had a Rs. 3,999 price for its one year PS Plus subscription while offering a month’s worth for Rs. 576. With this price hike, it makes owning an Xbox One more expensive than it should be. And with no plans to release the Xbox One S and the fate of certain Xbox One games coming on disc uncertain, it’s not a good time to be an Xbox One owner.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft India for comment and will update this the moment we hear from the company.