Insulating the Attic – 8 Tips to Keeping Your Home Cool With Attic Insulation

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In order for your house to be maintained at an optimal warm or optimal cool temperature, it is important for you to insulate your attic. Attic insulation is picked as a popular solution to keep the house warm during winter months. However, it is also extremely important to insulate the attic in order to keep the house cool in summer months.

Insulating the attic is a cost effect measure used to maintain comfort, conserve energy, and save money for the future. Irrespective of whether you have an air conditioner running or a heater running, if your attic is not insulated, all of the air will escape through there. Listed below are eight tips you should follow in order to keep your house at an optimal temperature-

  1. Air seal the ceiling first- before insulating the attic itself, first seal air holes in the ceiling that were made by plumbers and electricians. This will prevent air currents from passing through the insulation straight away. Because insulation slows the transfer of heat from one layer to the next, it serves to preserve heat or coolness. But, insulation is not as adept at slowing down the passage of air currents and it is therefore important to seal air holes.
  2. Pre-wire the attic for current and future technology- if you do not pre-wire your attic, you are going to end up spending a lot of money on re-insulating your attic. This is especially possible after electricians and internet people come to your house to change existing connections or install new ones. If you’re prepared for this, you won’t have to undergo the hassle of doing the entire process all over again
  3. Provide attic ventilation- you have to provide some amount of ventilation in your attic to prevent it from getting overly heated up, especially during the summer months. If your attic becomes supremely hot, the heat will come down through the ceiling and increase the temperature of whichever room is below, thereby defeating the purpose of insulation itself
  4. Install solar attic exhaust fans- solar powered attic exhaust fans really help reduce the heat generated during the summer months. The fan also helps to draw out hot air from the room and allows cooler air to enter the attic
  5. Install solar light tubes- adding solar light tubes will provide you with a natural light in a space that does not have any lighting apart from a light bulb. Once you do install a bulb, make sure you seal the air opening through which the tube enters the room so as to prevent air currents from taking all the warmth or coolness out
  6. Light and electric outlet- when you’re getting attic insulation done, it may be a good idea to add attic lights and a few electrical outlets. This will help the insulation retrofit as well make it easier for electricians when they come to fix things in your attic
  7. Spray foam for maximum results- if your attic is becoming extremely hot, you can spray foam insulation on the underside of the roof can benefit you immensely. It is more expensive that fiberglass or cellulose but addresses insulation right at the source and reduces the heat transfer between the rood and the attic
  8. Seal the attic access cover- because most attic covers do not fit well, it is imperative to seal the cover using foam or any such flexible material. Once this is placed between the two adjoining surfaces, it will be similar to the way a door is weather stripped.

If your insulation is done well, you can enjoy the coolness of the attic in summer warms and the heat of it in winter months.