Know the Different Baling Wires

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There are many types of baling wire on the market. These wires are used for different purposes. The wire can come in various gauges and cuts for a variety of jobs. Certain baling machines do require specific wire. Manual baling machines use a special cut and loop for their wire. The most popular choice is either a galvanized or annealed wire. Here is what you should know about baling wire for your hay mover.

Black Annealed Wire

Annealed wire is made from carbon steel. The wire is pulled until it reaches a specific diameter. It is then reheated in the annealing process. Annealing restores the properties of the metal. This wire comes in black due to the burning process. You will find this wire stored in a spool or coil. The annealed wire can be cut for your specific job.

Galvanized Wire

This type of wire is not processed like the annealed one. The wire will go through a galvanization process. During this procedure, a layer of zinc is applied to the bare steel. The process gives the wire protection against rust. Galvanized wire can be used for many different jobs. It is also available in various gauges as well.

Stay Away from Cheap Wire

Cheap wire may be tempting to the budget. It can save you some money in the present, but you should think about the long-term consequences. Cheap wire can create problems for your business. It can break in the baler and cause damage to your machine. You should choose a higher quality wire for your baling machine. This wire is often more durable than the lesser quality wire. It is also important to buy from reputable manufacturers as well. Some suppliers can falsify their wire’s gauge size. A high-quality supplier will always test their products to comply with quality standards.

You always want to choose high-quality wire for your baling machine. Now that you know about baling wire, your double bale hay spear will help in the baling process.