Jump Down App: Find unlimited game challenges and daily rewards

If you are seriously a game lover then you have to check out this game called Jump down app made by Javary. It’s seriously a fun and addictive game for sure. If you are getting bored or trying to have some fun especially during Sundays then you might want to download this game and start playing it.

To be honest I found it really fascinating because of the music and sound effects they provide out there. It completely matches the theme of the game. Literally everyone can play this game. All though I personally think that this game is for kids, but it doesn’t mean that only kids should play with it? Then it would be a total stupidity if you think so. Because the developers made this game for everyone to play around, young, old doesn’t really matter at this point. The only thing is you are enjoying and loving every moment of it.

This game reminds me of angry birds. You might be asking me why so? Well it’s simply because I felt that it’s not a heavy graphics games which usually consume a ton of your RAM space from your phone. It’s a simple game just like angry birds if you were to compare it. the game starts with jumping and jumping from one step to another making careful about the thorns or flames you step in, or else you have to start from the beginning again.

There are so many levels and going with the game, and as you go higher you will experience how fast you have to play to avoid the thorns and flames from stepping and that’s pretty much of it. I personally played the game and must tell you that I absolutely loved it and somehow made it to level 35. Hope will get to level 50 soon as that’s my first target to reach.

Don’t worry about the level, believe it or not I got to level 35 with only 30mins of playing, seriously no kidding all serious. Who knows you might be faster than me if you were to play this game. The good thing about this game is that you can also play offline, so no more worries about data or internet connection. You can literally play anywhere you go, isn’t it awesome.

It’s a completely new game and wow it’s growing so fast in the Google market. You can see for yourself they ratings are killing it, it full 5 out of 5 rating on Google play store. It’s not a usual thing to get full 5 star ratings in such a short period of time. You can personally see their account status by going to Google play store and check out their release date which says 14th august 2018. It’s just a month old and it’s already has more than 10000 downloads so far with giving a version of 1.1.1 till now.

Developers are keeping very solid track on their work as they keep on updating it from time to time introducing new features, themes and designs. At first when I started playing the first two levels it was so fun but as I got few minutes in my clock I decided to play till level 5 and then get to work again. Like I told you earlier that this game is very addictive, I experienced the same thing with me, I didn’t realize it was 30 minutes in the clock already as I reached level 35 already. That’s how addictive this game is.

The only thing I didn’t like about this app is that every time you click to play the next game a new ads pops up right in front of your full screen, which I find it very annoying. I think that the developers should make it less or should remove the ads completely if they can, because other user may find it annoying to.

On the go you will find unlimited challenges and daily rewards as well. There are tons of levels to finish, if only a person could tell me the ending of the levels, but I don’t think anyone have yet reached to the maximum level yet, it must be a long level game and seriously you need to get your head straight up and play with full focus if you want to make it to maximum level.

Over all I would say it’s a good and average game for me but I don’t intent to play it all the time, as I sometimes like to simply pass my time, and I am more likely to play this addictive game doing my free hours. Specially working people if you are looking to get some stress relief then definitely play this game. Your stress will be long gone till you know it. To download go to play store from your android device and Visit Jump Down.


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