Is Giving CAT Exam as a Fresher Advantageous?


This topic always becomes a huge question for each and every MBA aspirant.  Any individual who is thinking to appear for CAT once come across this question whether to go for MBA directly or to have some work experience.


Some points are discussed here that can help an individual to decide whether to take CAT or not.


  1. Work Experience

Candidates who are going for the MBA after some work experience have no doubt experienced how corporate life works and have undergone training. They don’t get enough time for preparation as compared to freshers and so, chances of them getting the highest percentile while working are pretty tough.


But when it comes down to placement in a company, various companies consider this that candidates with some or most years of experience can easily blend in their company structure as they have already gone under training previously. So, it is easy for them to get placed and they often get a high package when compared to candidates with no work experience.


  1. Freshers

Being a fresher unquestionably helps as you have all the vitality on the planet and will perform better and for the foundation. As the best foundations in the nation flourish with understudy driven exercises, being a fresher, you contribute a great deal to those exercises. Likewise, scholastically, you have a tendency to perform better in light of the fact that you have the enthusiasm to examine and furthermore substantiate yourself in the group of understudies who are viewed as the best brains in the nation.


Freshers, for the most part, have a decent time being shortlisted for the organizations yet then splitting the meetings gets somewhat troublesome when contrasted with individuals with work experience on account of next to zero corporate and expert presentation. You would likewise need to work more on organizing your tasks and introductions in a more expert way.



The IIMs in all probability don’t have a scoring framework for granting focuses for work involvement. It can be said that it completely depends upon the competence of the individuals whether they get selected in their preferred institute and get their desired job.


So, check for the CAT exam date and start preparing for the exam irrespective of the fact that you are a fresher or an experienced candidate. Candidates with the good percentiles and capabilities can easily get into their preferred institute.


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