Increase Your Income in the Next Few Months

If you have a job but want to increase your income, you are in a tough spot. The only way to achieve this is by getting a raise or a promotion. Unfortunately, few businesses are handing out raises. Often, a long-term employee will get raises for their years of service, but these raises are usually small. Promotions are often hard to come by because there are few openings in a company, and when one becomes available, there are several people trying to get the job. The only way to increase your income is to get a part-time job.

Getting a job working for another business
There are many possibilities for a part-time income working for another company, but there are several problems with this. Your hours are likely to come in conflict with your present job. It is possible that the job will start out as only a weekend job and your full-time work is weekdays. This can work out, but only when there are no changes in requirements for your present job or your weekend job. This type of work can also interfere with your social life, and on top of all of that, the pay is usually low. What you want is a way to increase your income in a manner that offers flexible hours and offers the potential of a large part-time income, and maybe a strong upside that can lead to a large full-time income.

Go into business for yourself
A side business is the best way to achieve a higher income while you keep your present full-time job. A side business that offers flexible hours that also requires little initial investment is one that usually is focused on a service. This type of service will require some training, but it is usually low cost in the initial investment stage.

Although there are many examples of this type of work, one of them is becoming a notary public. The requirements vary by state, but there is a short period of training and a test you will need to pass. You will need to be bonded and get a notary stamp. The internet is where to get a notary stamp and any other supplies you need for this side business.