Businesses that stock valuable inventory that’s kept in large warehouses should have a solid foundation to ensure efficiency and safety. In many industrial environments, concrete is the best solution because it’s a durable material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. However, although concrete slabs don’t wear out easily, the structural elements can slowly weaken over time. This is why coatings are beneficial, and a typical business can renovating a space with coating by following a few simple steps.

Prep the Concrete Slabs for Coating

All portions of the concrete that need an extra layer of protection should be measured with a tool that can detect water or moisture. This step shouldn’t be skipped because a high percentage of coatings fail when tactical preparation procedures are implemented.

Proper cleansing is required so that the coating can stick to the concrete in an efficient manner. Industrial coatings that bond effectively on concrete slabs include:

  • Stains
  • Epoxies
  • Acrylics
  • Polyurethanes

During the second phase of the preparation process, scan the environment for any gaps that are found on the concrete. Depending on the flaws, a construction polymer or a thin layer of concrete may be needed to tackle key repairs. No matter what bonding material is used, ensure that the product has limited shrinkage capabilities so that problems won’t occur during the bonding process.

If the concrete has any dark spots, these flaws are caused by grease. Because some grease stains are tough to detect, a water bead test can be very beneficial. If water beads while it travels on the concrete during this test, the slab is contaminated. The best way to get rid of the grease is by scrubbing the slab with a stiff bristle brush.

Use Coating for Products

Besides concrete, coatings can also protect inventory that’s made of out stainless steel. In order to enhance vulnerable products that rust easily, proper PVD technology must be used.

By following these steps, flawed concrete slabs won’t affect how quickly cargo vehicles travel throughout warehouses. In order to protect vulnerable inventory, PVD tools should be operated shortly after the products are manufactured.