How to Pick the Best Mixer for Your Needs

Anyone who loves baking knows that a mixer is a must have for a kitchen, but this simple piece of equipment comes in handy when doing more basic cooking too. When you look at mixers for sale online or in a big box store, you’ll notice that these tools come in different sizes and colors too. You can pick one in a lighter or darker color that matches the decor in your kitchen. Even if you know what color you want, there are other things to consider before choosing a new mixer.

Overall Size Capacity

Before you add a mixer to your shopping cart, make sure that it can hold the amount of flour and other ingredients that you need. The basic stand mixers that you see in stores today are suitable for home use. Most come with a mixing bowl made from stainless steel that can hold enough batter for whipping up a few trays of cookies or for creating a layer cake. If you work in a commercial kitchen or make desserts for a large group, you need an industrial mixer that can accommodate all your recipes. These mixers are large enough for making batter to bake hundreds of cupcakes.

Speed Settings

Few people think about speed settings when picking out a new mixer, but this is something you really should consider. You need to look at the number of speed settings available and how quickly or slowly each speed runs. This tells you whether the mixer can handle thicker batters and those with a lot of ingredients without the motor burning out. You’ll also want to find out how easily you can change the speed. Many recipes ask you to start out at a slower setting and slowly increase the speed to properly mix the batter.

Optional Uses

Depending on where you want to use your new mixer, you may want to check out some of the optional ways that you can use it and some of the accessories that you can purchase separately. Many of the newer mixers have accessories available that you can screw on the front for making your own pasta from scratch, churning home made ice cream or turning meat and other ingredients in to sausages. When you know what to look for when choosing a new mixer, you can make sure that you buy the right one for you.