How Professional Data Destruction Services Work

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Professional data destruction services are the consummate experts in removing and destroying data or documents that contain highly sensitive information. It’s the best way to get rid of private information in a way that contains the checks and balances and chain-of-custody features you need to prove that any leaks of information did not come from your company.

Secure and Verified Chain-of Custody

All employees involved with a professional data destruction service will have a deep background check to give you confidence that they are trustworthy and of the highest integrity. The service will come to your location to take possession of the devices or documents you need information to be wiped from or shredded. The process can be done at your location, or at the warehouse of the service. Every step in the process will be verified.

Certified Erasure of Data

Any computer hard drive, smart device, tablet, or other electronic archived materials will be completely wiped. The devices and hard drives are retrievable and can be used again. Each will be guaranteed to be emptied of all previous information.

Certified Data Shredding

Any paper documents or computer hard drives that you want to be shredded and destroyed can also be done at the site or at the office location of the confidential data destruction service. It’s the perfect way to get rid of documents that contain information that is protected by privacy laws.

Certificate of Destruction

You will be given a certificate of destruction that gives you all of the pertinent details on what data and when the data and documents were destroyed. You will also receive a video showing the destruction process, which is useful if it’s done off-site. You can rest easy that the job is done right.

Keeping your data secure often involves the safe destruction to avoid the problems that can accompany throwing it away. Completing wiping it from hard drives and shredding of physical documents is the best guarantee that the information is gone for good.