Getting a Liquor License in Texas May be Harder Than it Looks

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It is one of the truths of America that many states have funky alcohol laws. In most parts of South Carolina, it’s illegal to buy alcohol of any kind on Sunday. In Utah, getting liquor on a Sunday is a major chore. In Pennsylvania, people buying beer have to go through an official state distribution store, which controls the flow and pricing of it all. In Texas, those going to the grocery store to stock up before noon on a football Sunday will find themselves out of luck. It’s also true in Texas that getting a license to sell liquor can be a challenge. Some entrepreneurs find it such a challenge that they seek professional assistance with the process.

What makes the Texas liquor license process so difficult? It’s mostly how local and state politics can influence the process. In a perfect world, a company would apply for a license, receive their license and be free to serve alcohol to customers in a couple of weeks. In Texas, though, it feels as though would-be bar owners have to grovel in order to get what they want. It is far from a pleasant experience, and it can cause many people to seek a different industry altogether.

The good news is that those seeking a license don’t have to go through it alone. They can benefit significantly from the help consultant. When it comes to finding a liquor law consultant Texas has plenty of great options who know the law and know how to navigate the tricky political reality, too. Simply put, having a professional who can guide a company through the experience can make it easier, cheaper and much less stressful. Many bar owners have found that out when trying to get in business in the state.

What do these consultants do exactly? The first thing they bring to the table is local knowledge not only of what the law says on paper, but also how the reality of the law. These things are often different, as places like Texas can see politics mix with the law at every turn. Consultants can provide insight into what bar and restaurant owners need to do in order to show that they are worthy of a license. Beyond that, they can use their connections to make the process as seamless as possible for clients.