Facts About the Red Fort We Bet You Didn’t Know

It is undeniable that ancient monuments and forts are super exciting! The whole history that goes behind an ancient building, all the lesser known facts and back stories is what makes a historically significant place or monument fun to be around and learn more about. There sure are a ton of such beautiful and intriguing places and monuments across the country, but some famous ones have a charm of their own. Red Fort must be one of them! This historic fort situated in Delhi, the capital city of India, has some interesting as well as important history attached to it that makes it a very popular attraction of the city, and for a good reason!


Built back in 1639 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, this charming fort served as a residence for the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty for over two hundred years! The alluring carvings and design of the fort and its enormous enclosing walls of red sandstone where the fort got its name from are some of the reasons for Red Fort to remain one of the most beautifully architected ancient monuments up until this day!

Red Fort is the place where the Prime Minister of the country hoists the National tricolored flag of India every year on Independence Day. Apart from some of these commonly known facts, there are some interesting facts about this majestic fort that are lesser known but are totally worth learning about! So, let us present some of these fun facts to you!

  • The major reason behind the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan building this fort was because of his decision to shift the capital from Agra to Delhi. It is said to have taken about ten long years to completely build it! Now, that’s a long time! Yet, we do know now that all those years’ hard work did pay off after all and the fort went on to become such a huge splendor and pride of the country!
  • The Red Fort or, what we also call it at times, the Lal Qila was originally named Qila-e-Mubarak (the blessed fort).
  • Did you know that Red Fort was initially not red at all, but white? Surveys point out that the monument was originally built with limestone and was later painted red by the British when it began to chip and fade away. Well, that was when it acquired its name as Red Fort or Lal Qila.
  • Now, this next fact is sure to catch you off-guard! The epic and most famous Kohinoor Diamond was initially a part of the fort’s furniture! The Kohinoor was a part of the great throne of Shah Jahan. Along with a bunch of precious stones that decorated the throne, Kohinoor diamond was also studded in the royal throne.
  • Red Fort, when looked at from a top view, is said to reveal its octagonal shape! The red walls that enclose the structure and outline the actual fort form an octagonal shape. Well, exploring this fact for oneself needs to be on the list of things to do in this lifetime!
  • As part of the Red Fort Complex, the Red Fort was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by 2007 for its portrayal of rich Indian culture and heritage and its significance in the ancient history!

Well, most of these facts must have surely taken you by surprise! This beautiful historic monument that richly sports our heritage is an absolute must-visit for people from every part of India! It is however not surprising that people from across the globe come here to witness and admire the beauty and significance of the ancient Red Fort. If this unique yet charming fort attracts the traveler or the history enthusiast in you, then you need to take a visit to this splendor now! Travelling anywhere is no longer a tedious job with easier access to booking through online portals like Yatra. Look up for cheap flights to Delhi from Chennai to fit your budget and take your trip to the capital city now, and explore the Red Fort and other fascinating and famous historic places here.


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