Eurojackpot – Say Hello to the Ultimate Jackpot!

Think about this – according to a study 70%  of the United Kingdom’s 18 and above population take  part  in  the  national  lottery.  Apparently,  young  or  old, rich  or  poor,  more  than  half  of  the United Kingdom’s population is on the lookout for the next lotto jackpot draw.

The Eurojackpot grand prize is currently set at €46 million. Now imagine if you get that jackpot price. How wonderful isn’t it?

About the Eurojackpot Lottery Game

The  Eurojackpot  is  a  multinational  European lottery game  which was  launched  in March  2012.

Since  October  13,  2015,  there  are  16  countries  participating in  the  Eurojackpot  lottery  game which are the following; Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Iceland,   Latvia,   Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and lastly Sweden.

The UK and Ireland have a different lottery, in the UK the “National Lottery” and in Ireland the Irish lotto is most popular. Many Europeans also play the “Euromillions” lottery which is also extremely popular.

Eurojackpot  offers  huge  prizes  worth  up  to €90  million.

The  jackpot  price  at  stake begins at a minimum of €10 million and is quickly growing, thanks to rollovers.

Its big prizes and greater chances of winning make it one Europe’s most famous lotteries right now. The Eurojackpot lottery draw takes place every Friday, 8pm in Helsinki.

How to Play the Eurojackpot – Easy Steps to the Jackpot!

Playing the Eurojackpot game is super easy.

The  player just have to choose five numbers from one to  50 and two  Euro numbers from  one to eight.

You can  choose from your lucky numbers manually or use the random option through quick pick.

Eurojackpot also features 12 other tiers of prizes which increases your chances of winning, the odds of getting the smallest prize is 1 in 35.

Hence, a match  of just two regular numbers  plus one Euro Number entitles you already to win  a  cash  prize.

The  jackpot  price,  however,  is  won  by  matching  5  correct  numbers  plus  2 supplementary numbers.

The price of participating in the game is €2 per line but may cost more when plying online.

The anticipated Eurojackpot draws happens every Friday and compared to other lottery games in  UK,  the  Eurojackpot  is  crafted  to  pay  out  more  frequently.

Simply  put,  you  will  get  the  best chances  of  winning  in  Eurojackpot.

This  is  one  of  the  reasons  why  Eurojackpot  is  currently  the hottest  multi-national  lottery  game.

Aside  from  that,  the  winnings  of  the  Eurojackpot  are  tax free.

The  EuroJackpot  has  been  growing  remarkably  steadily  since  it was  launched,  in  fact  more countries  are  joining  over  the  years.

It  is  also  now  available to  be  played  over  the  internet through a number of online ticketing agents services like Lottoland.

Feeling Lucky? This is the Ultimate Jackpot Game for You

There  have  been  so  many  inspiring  Eurojackpot  lottery  winners  stories  already.

This  game  has produced   so   much   number   of   winners   despite   being   new.

Eurojackpot   gives   you   the opportunity  to  win  huge  prizes  for  a  relatively  low  trinket  price.

Today  can  be  your  lucky  day. The jackpot prize of the Eurojackpot is just as attractive.

Choose your winning numbers now and buy your ticket online or from the outlets nearest you.

Who  knows?  This  could  be  the  life  changing  event  you  have been  waiting  for.

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