Cyware – Your Guide to a Safe Browsing

In the recent days, we have witnessed a lot of inventions and innovations, particularly on the internet. One such invention is IoT devices or Internet of Things. Before the IoT invention, none of us would have thought that home appliances such as television, refrigerator, and to name a few will be connected to the internet. As the coin has two faces, technology too has pros and cons and with such transformations, comes turbulence. As we are becoming more integrated and dependent on technology, cyber criminals are finding different ways to trace the technological networks and steal data that helps them to mint money.

The faceless enemies, who try to steal and sabotage the sensitive information has to be faced with unconventional methods. In simple words, the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape needs distinctive ideas based on conventional wisdom to fight with cybercriminals and stay secure. This can be achieved only through cyber situational awareness. As the cyber criminals are developing and integrating sophisticated methods to launch cyber attacks, it has become increasingly important to develop the state of the art technologies to nip the threat in the bud. But what is the solution to this persistent problem? It is nothing but the cyber awareness, which drives the cyber security and internet security culture of this era. But, the major question is how to attain cyber awareness? It is by constantly checking out the cyber security news happening across the globe every day.

Attaining cyber awareness is not as simple as one thinks because ever day internet is flooded with thousands of articles on cyber security. In fact, it is difficult for teams as well to check the World Wide Web constantly to know the latest happening in cyberspace and process the data to find the significant and meaningful information. It can only be achieved through the assistance of machine learning based tools, that scan the internet and fetch the right kind of news and there is one such tool, which does this job – it is Cyware, the first of its kind cyber security app that publishes expertly curated cyber security news from the hundreds and thousands of cyber security news articles published daily on the world wide web. Cyware is your quintessential situational awareness platform which contributes towards an organization’s cyber security and a general user’s internet security. It provides feeds that help us to attain cyber awareness.

Users should note that cyber awareness is not a onetime task. It is a continuous ongoing process which cannot afford misses, gaps, and delays. So, users must constantly keep a note of cyber security news happening across the world; cross country and cross industry breaches and attacks; analyzing and learning from these incidents.

It is not only essential to know about the latest cyber news, but it is a must to keep a note of expert opinions, latest threats and threat actors, vulnerabilities in security software, next generation tools, and technology. Cyware – the first-of-its-kind mobile application helps you with all of this. It keeps you updated with vital cyber security and internet security news articles – published in a summarized format for quick and convenient consumption. The app also allows users to readily share the news with colleagues, peers, top management, clients, friends, and family.