Critical illness insurance protects you and your family

Critical illnesses strike when you least expect it. They are long-term. The treatment and recovery need a lot of money and patience at the same time. Getting proper medical attention without worrying about finances is quite essential when diagnosed with a critical illness. The best way you can save yourself from the mental trauma, and physical hassle is by having an insurance policy that is designed for this specific purpose. A critical illness policy is a right product to protect you and your family against such unfortunate possibilities.

A critical illness policy is a type of insurance policy in which the insurer promises a pre-determined lump-sum cash payment if the insured is diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses listed in the insurance policy. All the more, the use of the cash payment is entirely at the policyholder’s discretion. In this way, a critical illness policy is different from a traditional health insurance plan.

Generally, a regular health insurance policy has caps on various covers, like – doctor’s fee, room rent, medicines, intensive care unit, nursing expense, etc., which would invariably be more than what the insurer will pay. Thus, it does not cover the full costs of treatment. In such cases, you will have to pay the bills from your own pocket. Whereas, a little extra caution, by way of buying a critical illness insurance policy can save you from a large hole in your pocket.

These days’ critical insurance policies are readily available in the market. However, the problem isn’t choosing one for you, but choosing the perfect one. Almost all major companies offer critical illness insurance nowadays. Also, insurance companies don’t believe in the approach that says ‘one-size-fits-all.” They know that every individual is different and their expectations are different from one another. To meet the requirements of their customers, insurance companies offer various plans and benefits. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly study what is available within the market to ensure that you buy the best critical illness insurance plan as per your need.

A critical illness policy is imperative because you can never be sure when a major illness will strike. The fast and tiring lifestyle you leading can also leave you vulnerable to a number of health problems for which you may not be prepared. Fiercely competitive corporate environment, never-ending stress, unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise, extended working hours, and unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol are the becoming routine of professional lives today. These changes have resulted in a sudden increase in the number of lifestyle-related disorders and illnesses such as – strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and kidney problems. The malfunctioning of vital organs in our body can lead to severe health complications that need special medical attention and treatment.

A critical illness policy is a type of insurance, which provides more than just financial support. It also offers you peace of mind so that you can focus on your recovery rather than paying the bills when diagnosed with a critical illness. It secures you financially and makes sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the basic needs. Don’t wait anymore; protect yourself against critical illness now!