Buying a Home can be a Good Move

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Finding a home or apartment you can love and that feels like home can be a long and exhausting process, but that may be the fun part. Now the real work of moving begins. Sorting, organizing and packing is a lot of hard work, but with a few simple guidelines, it can be a good move.

Sorting and Purging

Taking one room at a time, sort through your items as you pack. Resist packing broken or damaged items. The same goes for items you no longer want or need. Ensure your new home can be free of clutter – Donate them or hold a moving sale.

Box by the Room

Moving boxes in St Louis MO come in a variety of sizes and shapes and some may even have clothing rods. Choose boxes of manageable sizes and boldly label the outside of each box with the floor and room it will go in, for example: “Basement/Bathroom.” Additionally mark with “Fragile,” “This side up” or other specifics to protect your belongings.

Wrap and Pad Items

Bubble wrap is a great padding for fragile belongings, but newspapers, towels and even blankets also make good padding. Take a few minutes and layer a few paper plates between your dinner plates, platters and other things that could scratch. When you take apart beds, tables or other furniture, place any nuts and bolts inside a plastic sandwich bag, label it and tape it to the item

Face to Face

When packing picture frames, mirrors or other wall hangings, tape a large X on the glass to help protect from breakage, wrap and box them face to face with items of a similar size. Stacking them back to front can allow items to become scratched.

Yes, moving is work, but taking the time to do it right in the first place can save some unnecessary headaches. It will help you get settled faster on the other end and before you know it, you will be home, sweet home.

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