Ask Strategic Questions When Considering New Church Software

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Churches looking for a technology system have hundreds of packages and configurations to choose from. So, how does a ministry choose the best church software for its needs? By considering more than features and functions.

Often, software is chosen based largely on features and functions. But it’s wise to start at a higher level and ask questions that will help define the system’s role in supporting your church’s strategy. Answers to the following questions will help provide insight on how new software could impact your ministry strategy.

Why Does Your Church Need New Software?

All programs aren’t created equal. Before you purchase software for your church, take stock of what you will likely use it for. Common uses for software in a church setting include promotional messaging, website creation and maintenance, word processing, desktop publishing and supporting fundraising efforts.

What’s Your Church’s Overall Strategy?

A church’s strategy is typically built around its mission, vision, values and beliefs and describes a plan for realizing those worthy aspirations and affirmations. If your church doesn’t have a strategy, you might consult a guide to church strategic planning.

How Could Your Church’s Strategy Influence Your Software Choice?

Your strategy for achieving your mission, realizing your vision, representing your values and living out your beliefs in the community may be key influences on which new church software you select. For instance, your church may want to consider how your values and beliefs align with the software vendor you choose to do business with.

How Could New Software Impact Your Staff?

Ideally, new software will positively affect the work of your staff as you employ it to achieve your strategy. Still, it’s wise to consider the learning curve associated with any software before buying in order to avoid choosing software that may cause headaches for your staff.

Choosing church software based on features and functions alone can be shortsighted. Be wise and ask questions that will help define a new system’s role in your church’s strategy.