Applications of Piston and Seal Rings

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Metal Seal and piston rings are used in a wide range of applications that have hostile operating environments. Devices that are used in high temperature and pressure environments use these rings as seals to prevent gasses and liquids from leaking. A variety of rotating and stationary devices use this helpful appliance; applications that use piston and metal seal rings include, engines, turbines, ducts, compressors, and more.

Piston and Seal Rings: How They Work

Piston and seal rings refer to rings that have a split and are used as a seal to prevent gas or fluid leakage. The split in these rings fits into a groove on the associated device creating a strong seal. Using these rings helps applications and devices obtain their maximum power output.

Piston and seal rings are designed in accordance with the pressure, temperature, and movement of their associated applications. This precision of design allows these rings to apply the correct pressure and lubricate cylinder walls.

Applications and Uses

Piston and seal rings are used across a wide range of applications. The automotive, aerospace, and power industries all utilize these rings for their beneficial qualities.

Aerospace and Aircrafts

Piston and seal rings are used in the propulsion systems of aerospace machines; these rings are designed to operate under high temperature and pressure.  Aerospace rings are specifically tailored to fit the needs of the aircraft and meet regulations and requirements. If you want to learn more about aerospace and aircraft rings, click here

Power Generation

Piston and seal rings are used in the power generation industries for sealing nozzles and ducts. High-quality seals for nozzles are necessary to ensure gasses are introduced at a constant rate.

Piston and seal rings protect gasses and liquids from leaking and allow engines to produce maximum power output. These appliances have many benefits and are used across various industries.