Analyze Your Telephone System During a Relocation

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It’s time to relocate your business. Whether you found a new rental or built a new facility, among the many things to consider is your telephone system. Relocation is a great time to see if the current telephone system is meeting the business’ needs. Some considerations include the use of video conferencing and message access.

Video Conferencing

If your business is located in more than one location, video conferencing can be a great asset. Hold meetings and increase visual communication with the power of video during and after the telephone systems relocation. Business travel can be reduced through the use of video in many circumstances. A business looking to allow for more work from home opportunities or flexible schedules can use video to stay connected.

IVR Technology

Use the power of technology to better organize and route calls throughout the organization. Interactive voice response systems allow high call volume to be routed to helpful staff without multiple people answering the phone and directing calls. Productivity and efficiency within the company can go up merely by properly routing calls when they first come in. IVR systems allow for more calls to come through without taxing current staff.

Call Forwarding

During any move, call forwarding can save your business clients. Forwarding calls to working phones allow clients and customers easy access to personnel. Until the move has fully taken place, it’s a good idea to keep the old system online. Once you know the new system is functioning and meets the business’ needs, go ahead and cancel the old system.

Moving your business can be a stressful time. Plan ahead to move your telephone system so you have minimal downtime. The move offers a valuable opportunity to address the phone system to ensure it still meets the needs of the business. Expand or grow certain aspects to better suit your growing business.