5 Ways to DIY Your Home Organizers to Save Space

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Having your own home is exciting—no matter where you live or who you are. You have your own space, somewhere to decorate uniquely to convey your own awesome personality. However, living comes with clutter. Fortunately, there are lots of DIY home organizers that you can implement to save space.

Use Lengths of Ribbon for Your Earrings

If you are big into earrings, a jewelry box is a no-go. Your earrings will become tangled and ruined if you move the box too often. However, pick your favorite colored ribbons, cut them into 24-inch strips, and tack down both ends in a straight line on your bathroom wall. Attach your earrings using the backs as place holders. Voila.

Install a Tension Rod for Home Cleaning Products

Tension rods are like coat hangers or towel racks, but you can sit your bottles on top. Install a single tension rod in your pantry, or a small one under the sink, and put your home cleaners up top. A sturdy 36-inch tension rod can hold 6-7 traditional cleaner bottles.

Use Chalkboard Paint to Create a Bulletin Board

When you absolutely need to remember something—like your grocery lists, you should write them down. Slather chalkboard paint on your fridge, or in a neat square on a wall in your kitchen. Use either classic or liquid chalk to write down whatever you need in a bulletin board style.

Save Product Bowls to Use as Tupperware

Deli meat containers, whipped cream bowls, margarine tubs—all can be washed and reused for your leftovers. This saves on buying tons of Tupperware, and you save space by NOT dedicating a shelf of your pantry to useless, expensive bowls with too-many lids.

Keep Old Shoeboxes for Stackable Storage Space

Old shoeboxes make great storage boxes for your keepsakes, like old Christmas and Birthday cards, or old-fashioned love letters. You could even use one for drawings and paintings that your kiddo completed at a young age. Whatever you want to hang onto for memory purposes can usually fit in a shoebox of some size and shape.

Saving space in your home is a good lean towards keeping your home tidy, clean, and clutter-free—all important things. These DIY home organizers are sure to give you a bit more space for a bit more in-home luxury. Use these suggestions as stepping stones to coming up with your own! When in doubt, seek advice from professionals, like architects and interior designers.