5 Secrets the Funeral Directors Won’t Tell You

With a heavy heart, at some point in time, we all have to undertake the unfavorable task of burying our loved ones. Most funerals are unplanned and people leave it to their loved ones to decide what type of casket is best to lay their loved ones.

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However, making arrangements at such an emotional time often leads to various unexpected and undesirable expenses. No doubt a traditional funeral that includes a casket and vault costs not more than six thousand dollars, yet extras such as flowers, notices and acknowledge cards tend to add to the costs of the funeral.

Regardless of the fact that the funeral director may be pushing you to spend on some essentials, yet there are certain facts that will cut down on the funeral costs drastically. Read them below and find out some secrets that funeral directors won’t ever tell you.

  1. When you Shop Around, you can find a Cheaper Casket:

It is not easy to find a cheap burial casket because the directors have hidden them in their basement. They will employ all the possible steps to dissuade you from buying one, still, you should insist to see them.

Also, you can shop around different shops around the city and look for the cheapest casket. The other way can be looking for the caskets online or directly contacting the manufacturers.

  1. Caskets can be Rented Too:

Alike the purchased ones, rented caskets are also eco-friendly. Renting a casket can be the wisest choice if you are unable to purchase a new one and can tremendously save the funeral costs. With rented caskets, you can still have a traditional funeral and the funeral home would not charge you much as they would be reused by them again.

The rental caskets have a removable wooden box that prevents the body from getting in contact with the interior of the burial casket, making it easier to remove it during the time of burial and cremation ceremonies.

  1. Embalming is Not at all necessary:

Embalming, preparation, and transportation of the body just before the funeral are unnecessary costs associated with funeral especially when the body is to be buried within 24 to 48 hours. Generally, funeral directors refuse the public viewing of the property without embalming, but legally it is not required.

  1. Buying Protective or Metallic Caskets won’t preserve the Body:

As a general though, many people think that sealed or protective caskets protect the body from decomposing, but this is not true. Further vacuum sealed caskets accelerate the anaerobic growth and might make the corpse to smell foul.

Further, sealed caskets trap moisture and gas which can be dangerous or even cause the caskets to explode. So sealed caskets have nothing to do with the decaying of the corpse and are just an income for the funeral directors.

  1. Not all Funeral Directors are Clergy:

Alike other businessmen, funeral directors are business people too. Treating them as quasi-clergy is a common mistake committed by many people. Also, they are open for negotiations. But when you select a funeral director, make sure that they are licensed and have a good repute in the market.