4 of the Best Reasons to Adopt a French Bulldog

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Sadly, many people are unfamiliar with the positive aspects of French Bulldog ownership. Quite a few reasons exist that make them the perfect choice for some people. Below are four of the best reasons to consider adopting a French Bulldog.

Perfect Dog for Apartment or Tiny House Living

French Bulldogs are not big and take up very little space on floors, couches, or napping on your bed. Including an area for a water dish, food dish, and doggie bed is not a sacrifice for those living in limited space. It’s also an ideal breed for those that travel in RVs.

Reasonably Active Dog

French Bulldogs love to go for walks, but their size means you won’t have to wear yourself out getting them the right amount of daily exercise. They are content to go for short walks or spend an hour at the dog park. It’s the perfect dog for those that don’t have the time to spend hours outdoors.

Smarter and Selective in Activities

If your French Bulldog doesn’t want to go for a walk, plan on doing it later. Having a mind of their own and doing things on their timetable is the norm. Being 100 percent involved in an activity is possible, but they want some say in what they participate in and reasons to give up their relaxation time.

Affectionate and Snuggly

French Bulldogs love to spend Saturday mornings curled up beside you as you get extra beauty sleep. Evenings spent cuddling and watching television is heaven. You will find them to be affectionate and love to spend quality quiet time with their humans.

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