3 Great Ways a Gallon Filling Machine Helps You Grow Your Packaging Business

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When you’re in the liquid packaging business, it’s imperative that you know when to raise the bar when it comes to your production line. A couple of quick, eager employees may have been enough to package your product when you first started out, but you really need a professional gallon filling machine in your corner once business really starts to take off. Here’s why.

1. Redistribute Labor

When you’re no longer reliant on human hands to keep your containers filled and flying out the door, you’re free to put those employees to work somewhere else they might be more useful. Your gallon filling machine will be more than up to the task of getting the job done. It doesn’t get tired, need sick days, or have to break for lunch either, so you’re able to keep the product coming even when you’re short-handed.

2. Reliable Production

Even when professional measuring equipment is meticulously used, there will always be at least some inconsistency from one container of product to the next if they’re filled by hand. An automated filling machine completely eliminates these inconsistencies. Instead, you get a guarantee that every container from every single batch will meet the same weights and quality standards down to the very last detail.

3. Bigger Projects

Smaller packaging companies are only able to handle so much work at a time. Occasionally it’s necessary to turn down a really amazing project or client because it’s just not possible to handle the needed volume and expected turnaround time. The right automated gallon filler can put some of these projects back on the table again because of how quickly it can churn out even monumental batches of product, giving your business the opportunity to make new connections and really grow.

The right automated filling machines allow packaging companies of all types to diversify their product lines, add new offerings to their catalog, and so much more. How would such a machine help you take your company to the next level?

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