Variety of bunk beds for kids

Commonly bunk beds can be understood as that type of bed, in which one bed is stacked on the top of another. Their main support is a single pole in the each corner and top bunk is usually accessible via ladder. Also, top bunk is always surrounded by a rail to prevent the person sleeping from falling.

These types of beds are usually used as kid’s bed. They allow two people to sleep comfortably while maximizing the room’s space and floor available. They are widely marketed predominantly kids bed, for children under the age of six. But the upper bunk is not recommended for them because of the risk of falling while using the ladder. Bunk beds are also used outside the home too, when there is limited space. For example they are used in the following areas:

  • On ships
  • Army garrisons
  • Dormitories
  • Hostels
  • Prison cells
  • University halls of residence

Bunk beds are found in different price range i.e. from high to low. Economy models are usually made from metal, solid plastic or wooden frames. Whereas expensive models are made from hardwood and would be more durable when compared with economy model. The more expensive types also come with accessories such as drawers or shelves.

Types of bunk beds:

There are different types of bunk beds that are available in the market and those are:

  1. Standard size bunk bed: these types of bunk beds are found in abundance in the market and are usually used for kids. They are very common and have two bunks with the same sized mattress stacked with one directly under the other.
  2. Twin over full- this type of bunk bed is arranged like the standard, but as the name suggests, has a full sized mattress on the bottom and a twin size on the top.
  3. Futon bunk- it is also arranged like a standard bunk but with a western style futon couch which converts into a bed at the bottom. These types of bunk beds are specially made for small flats or studio apartments as it is a space saver.
  4. L-shape bunk- this type of bed has a bottom bunk laid out at a right angle to the top so that if it was to be viewed from above, it would look like L shape. This allows for desk, chair or other furniture to be placed in the same space under the top bunk.
  5. Loft bed- this type of bunk bed has only top bunk, and a space is created underneath for other furniture such as sofa, a desk or chest of drawers. Many a times loft beds are made with special features such as strong drawers or work station built in.
  6. Triple wretham loft bed- in this, pair of standard bunk bed is attached to loft bed, making three bunks in all. The loft bed is attached so that it is at right angle to other beds.
  7. Triple wretham loft bed +cougan- this type has total of four beds, stacked one on top of other.

While making a selection of bed for your kids, make sure you inquire about the quality and safety of the bunk beds.


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