Planning a Destination Wedding Your Guests Will Truly Enjoy

For brides and grooms who want to get married in an exotic location, a destination wedding allows them to indulge this dream while still enjoying the company of family and friends. However, organizing a destination wedding that actually makes your wedding party and guests happy is not as easy as booking a ticket to a beautiful locale. Instead, couples should consider the limitations and expectations of their guests before planning their wedding. Here are some tips to guarantee a destination wedding at which everyone has a great time.

First of all, think about the costs of the trip. This is the major reason that people avoid destination weddings, as they don’t wish to burden their wedding party or guests with outrageous travel expenses. This can be avoided or limited by offering to pay for the accommodations or even the travel expenses of your wedding party or even guests. If that’s not possible, do the legwork and get good prices for your friends and family by booking at bulk prices well in advance. People can end up getting a trip for a much lower cost than usual this way, which makes your destination wedding a joy and not a trial.

Next, consider the distance you are asking people to travel. Not everyone enjoys long airplane or train rides. If possible, choose a location that’s far enough to be interesting but close enough to be convenient. For example, if you live on the east coast, look into wedding packages in Atlantic City from a reputable company like One Atlantic Event. This would allow guests to have a great time without spending hours on a plane ride across the ocean. If you’re in the southern United States, consider Florida or the Caribbean for the same reason.

Finally, make sure that the wedding events are fun without being burdensome. Your guests will want to do some activities that are unrelated to the wedding, so find out in advance what is available to them. Keep the ceremony short and sweet and make the reception a blowout party. Your destination wedding can be an event to remember, but only if you put the needs of your wedding party and guests before your own.

Destination weddings are more popular now than ever. Don’t discourage people from attending by planning poorly. Instead, plan for and deliver an awesome event.

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